Introducing ThinkSmart View by Lenovo. The modern workplace is about flexibility, collaboration, and a work-from-anywhere capability. ThinkSmart View by Lenovo is the first collaborative smart assistant that integrates with your PC to streamline administrative tasks – boosting both efficiency and productivity.

ThinkSmart View is your efficiency sidekick.

See how you can unleash the full potential of your workforce with ThinkSmart View.

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Boost productivity

  • Free up your PC to do more
  • Check calendar
  • Start meetings without delay

Enhance collaboration

  • Stay PC-productive during calls
  • Conduct a video or voice call
  • View shared content in real time
  • Get voice-ready capability out of the box

Embrace innovation

  • Deploy across varied workspaces
  • Enable hot-desking with ease
  • Enjoy the beautiful, intuitive design

Maximise security

  • Close the built-in camera shutter
  • Secure your device with 4-digit PIN
  • Ensure privacy with microphone mute button

Smart Office

Personalized, end-to-end support to help you make the most of your ThinkSmart View investment.

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Get to know the ThinkSmart View


ThinkSmart View is a smart office device that holds unlimited potential for helping employees work more efficiently from almost any location.

This revolutionary personal productivity assistant frees up the PC from administrative tasks so that employees can be fully productive and fully collaborative at the same time.

Built on the user-friendly Microsoft Teams platform, ThinkSmart View enables employees to remain productive on their PCs while it handles video conferencing, content viewing, and more.

Smart works in Teams

As a fully dedicated Microsoft Teams device that’s voice-ready out of the box, ThinkSmart View offers a friendly, familiar interface for collaboration between team members and richer, content-centric meetings through the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app.

In private settings, employees will enjoy clear audio thanks to its powerful built-in mics and speakers.

In public settings, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Active Noise Cancellation Headphones* keep office neighbours more productive and less distracted by employees’ voice and video calls.


With a built-in camera shutter, microphone mute button, and 4-digit access PIN, ThinkSmart View offers security and privacy whether in use 
or at rest.


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