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Even if you missed the live SMB Virtual Masterclass with renowned entrepreneur and founder of, Naomi Simpson, you can still enjoy access to this exclusive content:

  • Naomi's insightful blog: Rebooting Australia – one regional business at a time.
  • 3 x 30sec videos featuring Naomi discussing 'Top tips for SMBs'.
  • A short video of Naomi in action, remotely mentoring three Australian SMBs.
  • Photo Gallery of the event.
  • Information on Naomi's laptop of choice, Lenovo ThinkBook Plus.

Unlock Exclusive Content - Mentorship Programme Event

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Rebooting Australia One regional business at a time.

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Naomi Simson's top tips for SMBs

What advice would you give your younger self?

What have you learnt from mentoring SMB's?

What should SMB's look for in their technology?

SMB mash up Video

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Introducing the new ThinkBook from Lenovo powered by Intel processors. Created with today’s mobile workforce in mind, ThinkBook comes packed with all the tools, security features and power you need to get the job done, in an eye-catching, ultra-slim and lightweight aluminium design.

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Key moments from the day

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