Device as a Service

Take back your time, capital and resources to focus on what you do best.

What are the benefits of Device as a Service?

Own The Latest And Greatest

Keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape and improve workforce productivity with best-in-class Lenovo Notebooks and Desktops.

Capital To Fuel Your Business

Significantly lower your total cost of ownership, increase cash flow and fund initiatives that generate more revenue for your business.

Free Up Internal IT Resources

Outsource all PC lifecycle activities to the Lenovo Project Management Operations (PMO) team who takes care of the configuration, deployment, management, and disposal of hardware.

Usage Optimisation

DaaS gives you choice. Build a customized solution to meet your business requirements and onlypay for what you need.

Understanding DaaS

Lenovo DaaS is a commercial model that is tailored to the needsof each customer, so unique businesses needs can be accommodated appropriately. For example, we know businesses experience fluctuations in their profit margins and similarly in their usage needs for technology, as workers come and go in today’s more-often transient workforce. These fluctuating cycles can be accounted for in Lenovo’s DaaS,by building into the contract an ability to pause billing, or even return devices, without commercial penalty – this is what Lenovo calls the ‘flex’ model.

To customise the experience further, the ‘persona model’ within Lenovo’s DaaS means that the right device ends up in the right hands. Whether you’re the CEO, or you’re on the workshop floor, you get the right technology for your job – meaning the organisation is paying for the right devices, nothing more and nothing less.

Lenovo DaaS is much more than a traditional device finance model.As the name suggests, the DaaS model incorporates the unique services needed by an organisation beyond the delivery of a device. That is a full-lifecycle management service, including maintenance, security patching, repair, insurance and more.

The subscription economy is taking the world by storm, with Lenovo DaaS, enterprise IT has been brought into the modern era – allowing organisations to unlock more flexibility, personalisation and overall functionality in their IT services to better accommodate today’s needs.

Build YOUR solution from all that Lenovo has to offer

Choose from a broad portfolio of hardware, services, and smart devices to meet your business needs.

World Class Devices

Enhanced Mobility

Powerful data-centers

Life-cycle services

Maximise workforce productivity with the right services and support

Enjoy a complete suite of deployment and PC lifecycle management services, with as much or as little support as required.


Custom image, configure BIOS, load management tools.

deploy onsite

Install new machine, migrate data, remove old machine.

optional add-ons

Single end-user phone line, Technical Account Manager, multi-vendor, onsite fix.

asset recovery

Option to scale down up to 15% of volume over contract term.

premier support

Single end-user phone line, Technical Account Manager, multi-vendor, onsite fix.

harware and software monitoring

Install new machine, migrate data, remove old machine.


Lenovo DaaS is a combination of technology and services, wrapped into a commercial model that allows organisations to pay by the month.


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