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When you really get down to business, you need the best technology and the best thinking working for you.

You need a system in place that's designed to be flexible, mobile and agile to cater for the unique challenges of your business. At Lenovo, we can help your businesses by providing technology powered by Intel® Core™ Processors that contributes in a big way to keeping costs under control, boosting productivity and providing real business growth.


Packed with innovative technology, a ThinkPad is more than the sum of its parts.


ThinkPad products are used in every corner of the globe and beyond. They've been to the highest mountains on earth and used in missions to space.


Frozen, battered, blasted, and tougher than ever. Our ThinkPad products have been tested to the limits of endurance.


Whatever you're doing, wherever you are in the world, there's a ThinkPad you can depend on.

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Modern workforces are no longer desk bound. They're always on the move.

Today your business looks to computers and mobile devices as critical tools to increase productivity, reduce costs, collaborate and gain competitive advantages. That's why we've designed devices that can be easily transported. Whether your staff are in travel mode or attending meetings, they're always connected.

Lenovo and our Partners can provide you with everything you need when it comes to devices. Our full range offers both security and powerful mobile device management solutions. As the No.1 PC supplier in the world, Lenovo has the insights, experience and credibility to help you make the best buying decisions.



Stand out physical designs that push the boundaries in the PC industry. Designs that people copy, but never match.


Use of texture to enhance the experience beyond visual awe. Intelligent use of materials to enhance functionality.


Meaningful design that takes performance and functionality to the next level. Pioneering technology powers the evolution.


Intuitively placed ports and buttons. Adjustable viewing angles, stands and multi-mode functionality.


With the ongoing economic uncertainty, businesses are becoming more selective with PC purchases and overall IT spend. They need more reliable tools so their technology can do more, cost less, and last longer. But more importantly, reduced TCO means valuable dollars can be spent elsewhere.

When TBR decided to survey enterprise I.T. professionals on large-enterprise warranty repair rates, only one vendor received top marks for both their desktop and laptop product lines.

Once the study was done and the results compiled, the conclusion was clear: Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre product lines are the most reliable technology throughout the ownership lifecycle.

ThinkPad laptops have a 16% lower failure rate than average: 10% lower than HP, 25% lower than Dell.1

Source: 1 Large Enterprise Repair Rate Study, Apr/May 2011, TBR

ThinkCentre desktops have a 28% lower failure rate than our competitors.

ThinkStation workstations have a 26% lower failure rate than our competitors.


Manageability technologies focus on reducing business costs by mitigating some of the challenges faced when bringing new PCs into a corporate IT environment. Deploying PCs across a business is complex, costly and time consuming.

Deployments can involve hundreds or thousands of new machines, quickly multiplying the costs of unanticipated delays and errors and associated downtime. Poorly managed deployments can quickly impact an organisation's bottom-line. Think branded products powered by Intel® Core™ Processors are easier to manage than consumer models.

Lenovo Partners are trusted advisers, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in customising and implementing technology solutions. They can help you deploy and manage your IT solutions with minimal downtime whilst increasing productivity and reducing costs.


Robust security is not only good business practice, regulations often make it mandatory for many businesses. Security breaches, especially those that involve lost customer data, can result in significant costs and immeasurable losses in revenue and reputation.

Lenovo and our Think range of business solutions offer your business advanced security benefits.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides a root of trust for each PC

  • Stronger authentication
  • Protected storage of digital keys and certificates
  • Boot process verification
  • Computrace® in BIOS – allows for persistent tracking code in BIOS

Self-encrypting HDD (Opal and non-Opal)

  • Highest resistance to all current attack methodologies, including memory cooling
  • Allows for the fastest PC operation – offloads encrypting from main processor

Multifactor authentication

  • Includes fingerprint readers, smart cards, RSA or other hardware tokens
  • Two-factor authentication dramatically raises the security envelope over single factor and ID
  • Intel® Identity Protection with public key infrastructure certificate

BIOS-based port blocking

  • Strong protection outside the OS to shut off ports
  • Prevents unauthorised copying


Secure. Efficient. Reliable.

Today, your business has to be on - all the time. When information and requirements turn on a dime, you need to adapt and respond just as quickly. But it's not easy.

You must analyse mountains of data almost instantly so you can make smart, informed decisions. You must maximise your uptime and resource usage. But you also want to minimise your footprint and control your costs - securely, reliably and efficiently.

World-class servers, designed with quality built-in, can help you meet these challenges every day.

Why x86 servers from Lenovo?

Lenovo offers server solutions that give business-class performance and technology and can grow to meet the future needs of your office and distributed environments.

Lenovo x86 entry servers facilitate easy deployment and management, even with limited IT expertise and experience.

The Lenovo Advantage

  • Lenovo™ servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, have consistently held the #1 position in TBR's customer satisfaction surveys.
  • 100% faster compute performance to accelerate decision-making while decreasing costs.
  • 3 times more memory capacity for increased application/VM performance.
  • 50% more flash storage capacity with IBM eXFlash DIMMs
  • 3 times lower latency for significantly faster database performance.

Did You Know?

  1. Lenovo is no.1 in x86 server reliability from tbr
  2. Lenovo is no.1 in customer satisfaction from itic
  3. Lenovo can help lower tco - $3.8 million in expenses related to downtime saved due to higher reliability

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