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Choice and scale: Using subscription IT to meet changing business needs

Transitioning your business to a subscription-based model for your PC and device requirements can benefit more than just your bottom line.

Investing capital in a suite of personal computers or smartphones to run your business may have made sense at one time. But today’s growing trend towards hypermobility and hyperconnectivity (staying connected anywhere and everywhere) has moved the goal-posts for many businesses.

On top of this, year after year, technological innovation is far outpacing the average life span of your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Be it a front desk PC, a fleet of laptops for sales reps, tablet PCs for warehouse staff or the latest smartphones for the C-suite, chances are each device is obsolete within a couple of years, maybe even months. This is a modern-day reality.

This means that costly equipment will not only depreciate at a greater rate, but will also be worth far less should the time come to liquidate hardware to meet the changing needs of the business.

A service that makes sense

You can keep pace with innovation and adapt to your business needs through a hardware leasing arrangement known as PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS). Rather than purchasing hardware and software outright, a provider will tailor an equipment package to suit your business needs – be it any combination of desktop, laptop, tablet PC or smart mobile devices.

The concept of leasing hardware and software is not new, but the many benefits of a PCaaS arrangement are becoming increasingly more practical. These include:

Getting the exact hardware for your needs
Easy setup, help services, maintenance and upgrades via supplier
Cost-effective monthly fee compared to greater capital outlay to purchase outright
The ability to scale hardware resources to meet enterprise needs.

Flexible and reliable

If you work in an industry where projects begin and end on a regular basis, seeing staff numbers wax and wane to suit these needs, a PCaaS subscription can ensure your hardware is always available and up to date. When the time comes to move to a more modern device, PCaaS allows you to simply exchange your current device for the preferred model and software, then you’re ready to go. By purchasing outright, it not only becomes a huge upfront cost, but also takes time to properly deploy and set up before staff can get going again.

For example, taking advantage of convertibles, such as the ThinkPad X1 Yoga powered by Intel® Core™ processors means you can easily switch between tablet and laptop modes, and it caters to the modern worker who uses multiple devices to carry out different tasks – from quick note-taking in meetings to more detailed-orientated tasks at their desks. The contrast to this is having purchased a device many year ago, when convertibles had not been developed yet, and then having to purchase an additional tablet. 

A data storage (cloud) option can also provide greater flexibility across devices, allowing employees to access company software and tools on any device. With a suitable recovery service, important data is backed up and kept safe for retrieval. Nothing is ever lost should the worst happen to a device, so you can sleep easy.

The future is mobile

A PCaaS subscription allows you to take advantage of the growing number of software platforms that enable mobile work – basically, taking your work on the road, perhaps to the client or a supplier. Software companies, which traditionally made programs only for desktop and laptop PCs, are now making their programs more available via full-featured mobile applications.

A fleet of PCaaS or mobile devices will keep your team agile and ready for work – anytime, anywhere – and when the time comes to upgrade, you won’t be left holding a pile of obsolete devices. With the increasing push to cloud-based services – such as customer management tools or sales databases – transitioning your hardware to a more mobile fleet makes sense.

As the needs of many businesses are ever-changing in today's world, and to keep pace with the continued innovation of many technologies, a PCaaS subscription provides a more sensible solution to run your business at its best.

Lenovo® ThinkPad® and ThinkCentre® products, powered by Intel® processors, are optimised for long, worry-free hours of superior productivity. Speak with a Lenovo business specialist today to learn more.

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