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Workstations. The Workhorse of Modern Computing.

Our world is getting smarter by the day.

Every industry is feeling the impact of rapid technological innovation as leading organisations create limitless possibilities for our future.

For companies looking to stay on the cutting edge, innovation requires compute power that allows them to push the boundaries. And high-powered engineering workstations are built for just that.

Lenovo workstation customers are pushing the limits and redefining what is possible in their respective industries. Whether it’s Deakin University creating motion captured animation, UTS Motorsport designing a race car, or even Ducati Corse using machine-learning and AI capabilities to improve performance, there are workstation customers at the forefront of a computer-led revolution. 

The latest step in the workstation revolution has seen Lenovo partner with AMD to create the world’s first AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO workstation, the ThinkStation P620 - AMD


Getting to know the machine behind the movement.

So, what is a workstation? And how does it really make a difference for companies that might otherwise look at using something like a high-end gaming rig to get the hard work done?

As Lenovo Workstation Business Development Manager Joachim Seilo so eloquently put it: “Buying a gaming PC for a workstation task. Its like you bought a sports car, when what you needed was an 18-wheeler freight train.”
In short, Workstations are a different breed of device. 

Where a normal high-end computer might be expected to manage hard workloads in various peaks over an eight to twelve-hour period (typically a workday), workstations are built to handle heavier workloads, and to be able to maintain that level of effort over larger periods of time.

This is for architects, engineers, scientists, geophysicists, graphic artists and more. Where rendering a 3D design might take days, or where you might require a machine to analyse millions of images to recognise patterns for days on end.
In order to cope with these kinds of workloads, Lenovo has partnered with AMD to create the ThinkStation P620 - AMD. 

The latest AMD technology gives the ThinkStation P620 up to 64 cores and 128 threads—all from a single CPU. Simply put, other workstations would need at least two CPUs to accomplish what the ThinkStation P620 with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO can do with one.

Because it’s Lenovo-built, it comes from a pedigree of perhaps the most trusted brand in enterprise computing worldwide - meaning reliability and innovation with professional manageability and enterprise-class support are part of the package.


Built for purpose and tested for performance

Part of the benefit of choosing a workstation is the high degree of customisation and configurability. Workstation specialists, like Joachim Seilo, specialise in taking the time to understand a customer’s needs before recommending the right configuration for the job.

The devices are performance-tuned and certified by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). ISV-certification means customers can verify that their most crucial applications will run reliably on their chosen hardware, providing optimal performance and a high-quality user experience.

With a range of ISV certifications, the P620 is perfect for a range of specialist industries.

Who should consider a workstation?

The requirements of a computer that is rendering a high-res film edit can be completely different from one that needs to render a 3D environment in real time. 

Workstations can range widely in price, based on specifications and the needs of a customer.

The ThinkStation P620 tower is equipped with abundant storage and memory capacity, numerous expansion slots, and enterprise-class manageability and security features. The configurability and suitability of these machines for a range of working environments cannot be understated.

With NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics support, this broadly configurable workstation is equipped with up to two NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ A6000 graphics cards or up to four NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ A4000 graphics cards.

If you run complex workloads and are considering an upgrade, consider learning more about the ThinkStation P620 - AMD – or contact Lenovo to speak with a workstation manager to discuss your specific needs and perhaps build your own.



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