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The Calm in a Digital Storm – How Lenovo’s People-First Approach Drives Success

With the rate of new technologies and innovations emerging every day, organisations are spoilt by choice. However, Lenovo’s secret to cut through the mix is straightforward (and much missed over the last couple of years) – providing a human touch; just ask Storm FX.

The one thing the pandemic demonstrated over the last two years is the power of technology. It has, and continues to, enable new experiences, and redefine how orgssanisations interact with their audiences. In a saturated technology landscape, Lenovo differentiates itself by building lasting relationships and a human-centric approach.

Forecasting the Needs of Partners and the Industry

Storm FX operates in a niche business segment, working to provide the best-in-class solution to its customers in the visualisation space: 3D visual effects companies, animation, post-production houses, or people who work on developing VR (virtual reality) and XR (extended reality) content. As a result, Storm FX is constantly on the lookout for a solution suite that is powerful, agile, scalable, and customisable.

With a partnership now heading into its third year, Storm FX was initially drawn to Lenovo due to its provision of hardware and software solutions reflecting the latest industry requirements. For instance, in response to industry demands, Lenovo was the first to launch an AMD variant of the ThinkStation P620. Since its introduction, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response from Storm FX customers.

“From day one, Lenovo’s focus has been on the customers, and having an acute understanding of their needs. We regularly engage with our partners and end-users to identify their priorities and the features currently missing from the market so that we can deliver the best solution for each use case,” Pankaj Gupta, Workstation Business Development Manager, Lenovo.

Lightning can strike more than once: human touch key to long-term success

While Lenovo’s technical prowess initially caught the eye of Storm FX, it was the human-centric approach which sealed the deal. Even though the partnership started off mainly with virtual interactions, the enthusiasm from the Lenovo team was apparent from the get-go.

Martin Leibowitz, Managing Director of Storm FX, highlights the two factors that contributed to a flourishing relationship between the two companies: mutual trust and respect, and a genuine interest to break new ground in the visual production industry.

And this is also a core tenant of Lenovo – understanding what customers truly value and why that is a priority. From something as simple as delivering on what was promised to a comprehensive knowledge of Storm FX’s business, Lenovo prides itself in its ability to anticipate needs before they even arise.

“Our relationship has grown incredibly close, and one of the main drivers is the people. Our partnership is far from transactional. We feel like we are part of an extended Lenovo family and have forged strong bonds with the team in Australia and across the region. We have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and solve a variety of customer and industry challenges, and we look forward to scaling even greater heights in the years ahead,” said Leibowitz.

The partnership between Storm FX and Lenovo has seen more than 70 per cent of Storm FX’s customers switching to Lenovo. Not just that, Storm FX’s customers are actively and specifically requesting Lenovo products when they are either doing a refresh or adding new workstations.


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