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A tech-enabled future for students involves many solutions, One Lenovo.

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School worked with IT Partner, Stott Hoare, leverage Lenovo ANZ intelligent solutions to solve several of their IT challenges. From devices, to servers and services, they are seeing the benefits of working with One Lenovo.

More than 1,300 students go through the doors of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, ranging from pre-kindergarten through to year 12. Each year, students in grade 4, 7 and 10 are provided with new devices to assist in their everyday learning.

In the most recent rollout Lenovo was chosen as their preferred hardware vendor, with the ThinkPad L13 Yoga, chosen as the right solution for both students and teachers.

The latest partnership is an extension of the school’s existing relationship with Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) - who have been providing the school with servers for some time. The extended partnership is a great example of how working with one partner across several IT challenges can reap multiple benefits, simplify complex issues and allow for a fruitful IT environment that supports long term business outcomes.

The Challenge: A complex IT environment

Schools often operate in complex IT environments, some with as many nuances and challenges as any large enterprise.

With end-users ranging from kindergarteners through to young adults, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School has its work cut out for it in the IT department.

Stott Hoare have been working with Peter Moyes for nearly five years. Initially employed to provide support on devices, the close nature of their partnership ultimately geared both parties towards management of devices, as well as improvement of the entire IT infrastructure procurement process.

By understanding the school’s needs on a deep level, Stott Hoare have been able to help the school find the right solutions for their complex needs year-in-year-out.

“Lots of schools are facing a real challenge navigating their move towards a learn-from-anywhere model, and I think technology have moved away from being just about a device, to how can we manage that device and how to we make sure students and teachers have got access from anywhere” said Brian Hawkins, Sales Manager at Stott Hoare.

Through Stott Hoare, Lenovo was already the chosen provider for server infrastructure at the school, so in 2019, when looking to commence a device refresh for students in years 4, 7 and 10, Peter Moyes and Stott Hoare approached Lenovo about extending their partnership.

The new partnership was to include solutions spanning servers (existing), devices, and services – all of which would help ensure a smooth rollout of devices, easy ongoing management of the IT environment, and better cost containment through bundled financial services.

With an existing relationship and knowledge of the school’s IT needs, Stott Hoare and Lenovo were able to arrange a solution to meet their needs by tapping into the power Lenovo’s end-to-end capabilities in infrastructure solutions, intelligent devices, financial services, and service solutions.

The Partnership: Tapping into the benefits of One Lenovo.

As the long-term trusted IT partner of Peter Moyes, Stott Hoare, are called upon to make decisions about what technology providers to work with to best deliver on the school’s objectives through technology. Their decision to work with Lenovo to help solve the school’s IT challenges is testament to the end-to-end nature of Lenovo’s offering.

Lenovo is a global technology powerhouse that, unlike many competitors, can offer customers everything they need, from the pocket to the cloud. With the biggest device business in the world, a fast-growing infrastructure business, and a new, innovative solutions and services business.

“As One Lenovo, we make buying a solution as easy as buying a PC, making life easier for our customers all through a single company, and a single team. It’s our goal to help our customers and partners deliver on their business goals. We’re united in our vision to equip more people around the globe with smarter technology, to help build a better future”, said Julia Sinton, Account Executive of Large Enterprise, at Lenovo.

The Solution: Devices to help students prepare for the future

To foster a future in which students become positive and active global citizens, the school believes they need to ensure students are well equipped for the future by being trained to use technology effectively in their schooling journey.

Peter Moyes Anglican Community College has a philosophy, “I belong, everyone matters, together we achieve our goal”.

“At Peter Moyes we are partnered with Lenovo to provide options for our students to utilise technology and develop their skills so that they may be successful in whatever pathway they are looking to pursue”, said Benjamin Lomas, Principal at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School.

To help students get to where they need to get to, Peter Moyes, utilises the latest technologies in their classrooms - from creative arts rooms, to media labs, to computer facilities.

The Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga is designed to take student productivity to new heights. The second generation of the 13.3" L13 Yoga delivers powerful 11th Gen Intel® performance and graphics.

With a 360-degree hinge, the device is ideal for adapting to a variety of classroom environments, capable of shifting from typing to digital art in seconds. Because it features an integrated, rechargeable pen, the device lets user take notes or sketch when they prefer not to type – which Peter Moyes has found is a great feature for teachers when marking work.

Because the L13 Yoga is a Windows device, students can now benefit from the new features of Windows 11 – which is packed with features for education, including a new layout that is designed to give students a more focused Start experience.

Furthermore, thanks to Windows Remote Deployment and Compliance, schools (like Peter Moyes) and their partners (like Stott Hoare), can deploy, secure, and manage remote devices through the cloud, in compliance with school policies.

Windows 11 has expanded support for Group Policy administrative templates (ADMX-backed policies) in mobile device management (MDM) solutions like Microsoft Endpoint Manager, enabling IT professionals like Stott Hoare to easily apply the same security policies to all devices, whether they are remote or onsite.

This makes managing remote learning a much simpler process, enabling students and educators to work securely inside and outside of the school environment – a critical component of a post-COVID world.

To find out how you can unlock the power of creativity and collaboration with a windows 11 device that’s built for learning, anywhere, find more here.



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