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Top trends: Millennials, Gen Z and the transforming workplace.

The Age of Disruption is well and truly upon us, and leading the charge are the Millennial’s and the even younger Gen Z. This new-age workforce has seen the darker side banks, politicians and business – and they’re not prepared to put up with it. They are forcing businesses to adapt to their way of thinking – or suffer the consequences.

Keeping Millennials and Gen Z happy.

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019 discovered that they’re not particularly satisfied with their lives, their financial situations, their jobs, government and business leaders, social media, or the way their data is used. So, any organisation that seeks to gain their trust needs to be on top of this, and do something about it.

Your values are more valuable than ever.

Millennials and Gen Zs say they will not hesitate to lessen or end relationships when they disagree with companies’ business practices, values or political leanings. But they will happily work for and support companies that align with their values.

Ambitions have changed.

The new-age workforce is no less ambitious than previous generations. For example, more than half want to earn high salaries and be wealthy. But travelling the world is ranked the most important goal, above wealth, home ownership and even having kids. Making a big impact on their community also ranks higher than starting a family. Experience is now King.

A generation on the move.

As the first generations to grow up with the internet and mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, they know there’s no need to be chained to a desk to get work done. Working untethered, hot desking, sitting down or standing up are considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Businesses offering such flexibility benefit from a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce.

Lenovo’s technology is driving workplace transformation.

It’s important to the next wave of workers that their tech is not just up to doing the job, while also being protected against cyber attacks – it must also be portable and look good. Which is where Lenovo’s sleek, lightweight aluminium ThinkBooks come in. Designed with the modern mobile workforce in mind, they are the perfect combination of performance and style.

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