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Tell us more about Smart Office

We had an in-depth discussion with Rory from Lenovo Smart Office HQ.

What does Lenovo Smart Office consist of?

Smart Office is the name of the service. There are two main components – Think View which is the device that lets you see and control the service, and Smart Manager, the Cloud-based service that securely houses and stores all the data.

Why did you create Smart Office?

The explosion in demand for virtual meeting spaces or Huddle Rooms over that past few years has led to a lot of companies creating their own versions of Smart Office – but they’re all outdated, too complex or very expensive. We saw an opportunity to create a better, more intuitive and affordable service.

It’s an industry that’s now worth over $60 billion globally, with Gartner estimating there’ll be 20 million huddle spots in the US in 2020 – so, worth getting into!

How is Smart Office different or better than the competitors?

Basically, it’s a much better user experience – we’re all about giving our customers the best service for them. So Smart Office doesn’t just let people book a virtual meeting – you can book hot desks and even car parking spaces via the Think View device. And it’s all really easy to use, there are no passwords or Leaders – just hit ‘Join’ and you’re in the meeting.

What sort of industry should be using Smart Office?

Everyone that needs to communicate and collaborate quickly and effortlessly. International conglomerates to creative agencies with a mobile workforce; teachers working with remote classes; doctors consulting with hard to visit patients or clinics – essentially anyone who uses phones or videos to co-create or share information.

How complicated is Smart Office to set up and maintain?

Lenovo offers a month-long ‘loan and test’ service whereby we’ll install a ‘lite’ version of Smart Office in your company and coach you how to use it. Then, if you’re happy with it after the month, we’ll roll it out in full and you can start to benefit from the complete package. And you don’t have to worry about bug fixing or systems updates as these are all managed by us via the Cloud. For budgeting purposes, you will be billed monthly, so you’ll always know what to expect.

What’s next in the pipeline?

2020 will see the introduction of a range of new products and services from Smart Office, all designed to further increase productivity and collaboration, and make our customers’ working lives easier and more efficient.

Finally, how would you sum up SmartOffice?

It’s an affordable, user-friendly collaboration service designed to enable the modern, mobile workforce to work more efficiently together. It’s also a key part of the whole digital transformation of the modern workplace that, like it or not, is happening as we speak.


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