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Staying connected while working from anywhere

As we adapt to new working conditions enforced by Covid-19, maintaining connection with each other is of vital importance.

Working from home is the new normal

Working remotely has been a steadily rising trend for a few years now, but it has suddenly become the norm for most of us in light of the latest global pandemic.

Dealing with isolation

With many people working in isolation, one of the biggest challenges we face is overcoming the lack of human contact that our workplaces used to offer.

Innovative solutions to keep us connected

Video conferencing and content sharing tools are not only great for collaborating from wherever we are in the world, they can also help improve the morale of an isolated workforce.

Maintaining productivity from a distance

These connectivity tools also keep the workforce engaged, increasing everyone’s productivity. The right tools and the right management can keep your business running as close to usual as is possible in these unusual times.

How Lenovo can help

Lenovo’s innovative solutions like ThinkSmart Hub 500 for Microsoft Teams are purpose-built to keep workers united and collaborative wherever they are. And our range of powerful, lightweight laptops, compact desktops and choice of monitors can help them function just as well as they did in the office.

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