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Cyber security starts at school

Phishing, cyber bullying, identity theft, the dangers of sexting – these are all very much part of school children’s day-to-day lives. Which is why taking cyber security seriously in the classroom is vital.

Cyber security becomes part of the school curriculum.

Students across the Australia and New Zealand in Years 7-10 will be introduced to cyber security fundamentals this year. By getting them to complete a series of challenges, the aim is to increase awareness and understanding of cyber security – among them and their parents and carers.

School Cyber Challenges.

The Schools Cyber Challenges program, delivered by the Australian Computing Academy, is a collection of classroom activities designed to be taught alongside the Digital Technologies Curriculum.

Thinking like hackers to thwart hackers.

The first challenge teaches students about personal information security by encouraging them to think from a hacker’s point of view. Students learn the importance of password strength, as well as how vulnerable private information can be online.

The problems of over sharing.

By exploring a fake Facebook and Instagram account, students work out instances where personal information has been shared. They will see images of teenagers in various scenarios, and explore how the information can be abused – and all potential risks that this sharing can expose them to.

Whole new career paths.

As students progress through the activities, these same fake accounts are used as the foundation for developing skills in computer programming and data analysis. This offers the potential to open up career pathways for students in an industry which it is projected to keep on growing.

Lenovo’s role in the digital transformation of schools.

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