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Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Code Like A Girl

There is a gender gap in technology. Code Like A Girl has partnered with Lenovo to help close it.

Ally Watson set up Code Like A Girl to give more girls the chance to experience the possibilities of technology in a safe, inclusive and fun environment. They have created a mobile classroom to take on the road to give girls in more remote areas access to cool tech.

Lenovo understands the need to close the gender gap in technology

Ally chose to partner with Lenovo because we are also driven by the need to level the tech playing field. Our input into the Code Like A Girl project has made it easier for them to get more young girls inspired by the possibilities of working with apps, coding and much more.

Fun with a serious message

The 3-day classes run by Code Like A Girl teach a wide range of technical skills, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that the girls just love. With Code Like A Girl and Lenovo’s help, that Glass Ceiling will soon be well and truly broken.


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