Lenovo's Thinkstation P620 workstation bolstered with the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU is a game changer for how you work.

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The high-powered ThinkStation P620, equipped with the GPU computing power and large GPU memory of the NVIDIA RTX A6000, accelerates productivity, enabling data- and compute-intensive multiapplication workflows to function with ease.

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The combination of the two technologies allow users to wrangle largescale 3D models and simulation data sets, turbocharge simulation solve times, and accelerate rendering cycles to avoid a state of limbo whilst waiting on the system to perform complex tasks.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 and NVIDIA RTX A6000 come together to create a workstation platform uniquely and optimally tuned to handle the sophisticated demands of advanced workloads.

Unlike older workstations that may buckle under the strain of modern-day tasks, the P620 and RTX A6000 combo ensure you have the horsepower needed to be the engine for sophisticated design and unparalleled innovation.

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