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Building a future-ready learning environment with Lenovo

Emmaus College in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria have adopted the use of devices in the classroom for both students and teachers in an effort to build a future-ready learning environment for their students.

The school has recognised the value that devices can bring to their student’s learning - enhancing the classroom experience through deeper engagement and more flexible learning options. To help prepare their students for future careers – regardless of the field they choose to pursue - the school has made an effort to build their students’ familiarity with technology, understanding the growing importance it plays in all aspects of work life.

Fostering future-ready skills, students have been given increased flexibility to respond to assignments in a variety of ways – meaning the way they develop, collaborate-on and submit work can come in a number of formats (be that essays, infographics, videos or more). The school sees this as fostering flexibility, creativity and individuality.

Similarly, teachers have been given access to devices in order to connect with parents and students through the school’s intranet platform and Learning Management System EmmLink. The Emmlink platform allows teachers to provide feedback on work, share classroom resources and develop syllabus materials in what has become a much more engaging and connected experience, for parents, teachers and students – all facilitated by technology.

Working as an end-to-end service and support provider for Emmaus College, Winthrop have been able to ensure the school is supported right throughout the process of adopting devices in the classroom. Winthrop knew it was critical for students to have access to working devices at all times – helping achieve this, Winthrop has achieve a same-to-next business day service model for the school, ensuring any hiccups are fixed quickly, minimising the impact on the students’ learning.

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