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CX vs EX – the right balance is vital for your business

Getting your CX – Customer Experience – right is important for any business. But is your EX – Employee Experience – up to scratch?

According to The IBM Institute for Business Value, connecting your CX and EX is the way ahead if you want your business to out-perform.

Millennials and Gen Z to make up 50% of the workforce

2020 will see these age groups account for half of the global workforce. This new generation of workers is looking for meaningful employment, with companies that share their values and beliefs, and they are prepared to hold out until they find the right one for them.

How EX affects CX and productivity

They value happiness above wealth – so providing them with a workplace in which they feel comfortable and valued is vital. This creates happy brand advocates who are prepared to go the extra mile for your business – and results in a better Customer Experience.

Getting the right tools for the job

The digital transformation of offices has created a much more mobile workforce, and to ensure you get the best out of your staff, you need to provide the very best tech to help them reach their potential.

How Lenovo can help you improve your EX

Lenovo offers a wide range of technical solutions to suit the varied needs of your staff. Whether it’s powerful desktop computers, lightweight-but-tough laptops, portable compact PCs or tablets, we can help you choose the right tech to keep your EX rating up where it should be.


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