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Research soars to new heights with Lenovo supercomputer

The University of Adelaide

Client Success Summary

The University of Adelaide, one of Australia’s leading research universities, wanted to better support researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Previously, researchers had to compete for limited external HPC facilities, which often left groups without enough compute resources or delays in securing access. With Phoenix, a supercomputer based on a Lenovo NeXtScale System M5 cluster with over 3,800 Intel® Xeon® processor cores, the university can now offer researchers a powerful, state-of-the-art research tool, helping to enhance its status as a world-class research center.

Solution components


  • Lenovo NeXtScale System M5, NeXtScale n1200 Enclosures, NeXtScale nx360 M5 compute nodes with Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Mellanox SB7790 EDR IB Switches
  • NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU Accelerators


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

"Our supercomputer, called “Phoenix”, enables University of Adelaide researchers to access a facility exponentially larger than the limited portions of shared facilities they previously relied on."

Mark Gregory
CIO, University of Adelaide