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Harmony in the Hive

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Harmony in the hive: monitoring beehives to redefine agriculture 

Genius can strike at any time, but it seems especially appropriate that the idea for Bryan Hoyt’s company came to them mid-flight. Making idle chit-chat on a plane back to his hometown in Christchurch, New Zealand, a friend of his happened to be seated next to a seasoned beekeeper. What started as friendly small talk quickly turned into a big idea, with even bigger implications for the global agricultural industry. 

Ben and Berwyn, the Hoyt team founded Hivemind, a satellite-connected beehive monitoring system. 

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There have been multiple times I’ve been sitting in the rain with my ThinkPad, gathering data in a field while connected via satellite to a series of beehives—which admittedly, is a funny looking scenario 

Bryan Hoyt
Founder of Hivemind
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